The McCurdys

27 Mar 18 - 22:05 by Jeffrey Berg in Projects

Jennette McCurdy 
Jennette McCurdy wrote a semi-autobiographical pilot based on her own childhood. The video is published privately on Vimeo, unfortunately, we are not able to show it here. On request, she may release the password. 

In this video, she not just focusing on her writing skills. She is also the director of this. And we see the last time that there are more short movies from Jennette McCurdy where she is the writer and director.

The semi-autobiographical ensemble dramedy she wrote is about her own family. And yes, that's why it's called probably  'The McCurdys'. In this short movie, she show's something about her childhood acting career and her mom's cancer. She said on her own website; "It’s an ensemble dramedy about a dysfunctional Mormon family defined by the mom’s cancer and the daughter’s child acting."





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at 2021-09-02 18:08

Why make it if you don't want anyone to see it?

at 2021-08-29 21:23

I want to hear your story, you deserve to be heard.. I can give you my name and any information to make you feel comfortable

at 2021-04-14 07:39

How do I request for the password to view The McCurdy’s? I’ve tried reaching out on social platforms but she’s never read my messages.